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Corrugated Cardboard

The large blue roll-off container located at the Cuyahoga Falls Recycle Drop-Off Facility is exclusively for corrugated cardboard.  Cardboard should be flattened and placed in the slots.  The container slot openings are 5 inches by 60 inches to accommodate larger pieces.  The drop off is located on Gaylord Grove at Bailey Road next to the Service Complex.

Curbside Collection of Corrugated Cardboard:
Cardboard collected curbside must be flattened and placed in the blue-lidded recycle cart.  All packing materials (Styrofoam, etc.) must be removed and placed with regular trash.

Note:  All cardboard must be flattened.  Waxed cardboard is not recycled nor is food contaminated cardboard.

Last changed 04/24/2012 - 2:38pm by younkin@cityofcf