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Residential Energy Depot

Click Here To Start Your Home Energy ProfileA CLICK on the Residential Energy Depot image on the right side of this page will take you to the Residential Energy Depot. The Residential Energy Depot offers a set of interactive tools you can use to analyze your personal energy use and costs - and all you need to start are one or more of your recent electric and gas bills. The Residential Online Energy Profile provides reliable information about the annual energy use and costs of each energy system and major appliance in your home. All at no cost to you!

To generate your Personal Energy Profile Report, you will need to enter at least one month of electric and gas billing information from your records (entering the last 12 months provides a more accurate assessment)  For electric usage you will need to enter the kWhs and billing amount and for gas usage you will need to enter gas consumption in MCF (Therms) and billing amount as illustrated below.

In addition, you will need to answer a series of questions about your home's energy consumption including:

  • Structural Information
  • Home Heating & Cooling And Water Heating
  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
  • Major Home Appliance Usage For Cooking And Laundry
  • Small Appliance Usage Such As TV, Stereo And Computers
  • Any Extra Energy Consumed By Pools, Spas And Water Beds

It only takes about 15 minutes to complete your Personal Energy Profile. When finished, your customized Profile will help you to understand your home's energy usage in the form of easy to read graphs and charts like these:

Sample Energy Summary Chart

Sample Electric Usage Chart


Sample Gas Usage Chart

As you review your Profile, you will also learn about specific steps you can take to reduce your energy costs. When possible, your recommendations are linked to additional information in the Energy Library. The data you enter in the profile is saved so that you can update or review the results in the future. So click on the Enery Depot link below (requires your browser's cookies to be enabled) and start your own Personal Energy Profile today.

Click Here To Start Your Home Energy Profile        

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