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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does “Connect” benefit me?
A: It will improve customer service, the accuracy of meter reading and control costs all while improving efficiency.

Q: What is the time frame for implementation?
A: Installation will start in the first quarter of 2009 and will take about 18 months to complete citywide.

Q: When and how do I go about scheduling an appointment?
A: Please contact the Service Director's Office at 330-971-8240 if you do not yet have an automated electric or water meter.

Q: Who will be installing my new meter?
A: The City of Cuyahoga Falls

Q: Will I need to be present for the installation?
A: You will be required to be present for this if your meter is located inside your house. If you are not at home when a representative attempts to install a meter, a note will be left with a number to call to schedule an appointment.

Q: How long will this take to install?
A:  For most residents, this will not take longer than 45 minutes. Your service will be interrupted momentarily.

Q: During the install, should I shut off powered items?
A: Yes, we advise you to turn off lights, TV’s, computers, etc. as service may be interrupted to avoid a surge.

Q: My water has some air bubbles, is that normal after the install?
A: Yes, just like when water service is disconnected your water lines may need to run for a moment to get back to the normal flow.  Same applies to toilet flushing.

Q: Is “Connect” accurate?
A: Yes, extremely accurate.  The Meter Transmitter Unit (MTU) sends the current reading to the Data Collector Unit (DCU) on a daily basis. 

Q: What is the device labeled “Star” that will be attached to a wall near my water meter?
A: That is the MTU device.

Q: Will all water and electric meters be automated?
A: Yes, all customers are required to participate.

Q: Will my customer bills increase?
A: The “Connect” unit itself will not increase customer bills, however, consecutive, monthly readings may show a fluctuation in cost because it is measuring more accurately.

Q: How much will this new system cost me?
A: There will be no additional cost to the customer for this system.  This new system is substantially more efficient and more cost-effective alternative to manual meter reading.

Q: Am I required to have the “Connect” device?
A: Yes, all customers will be required to have “Connect”.

Q: What information will be transmitted from my device?
A: The MTU will transmit readings along with your meter identification number; diagnostic information is also transmitted to ensure the unit is operating correctly.

Q: Is it my responsibility to maintain my new meter?
A: The City will continue to maintain the new system.  Routine maintenance will be the primary reason to enter a customer’s property.

Q: Will my account information be secure?
A: Yes, only meter readings and numbers are transmitted.  No personal information is transmitted as it is not part of the meter information or reads.

Q: Will it still be possible to view my meter reading?
A: Yes

Q: What if I recently upgraded my water meter?
A: The City is keeping track of any recent water meter upgrades that are compatible with the new AMR system and will not need replaced.  However, an MTU device will need to be installed.  In addition, your electric meter will still need to be replaced.

Q: I am on budget with my utility bill, can I continue to do a budget bill?
A: Yes

Q: I live in an apartment building, what do I need to do?
A:  Meter coordination will be scheduled through the manager and will most likely not impact individual units.

Q: Can I choose my bill date once my meter is installed?
A: Not immediately, bill dates may be selected once the entire system has been installed citywide.

Q:  Will there be another public meeting?
A:  Not at this time, but we will keep the public updated with press releases, mailers, updates on our website, etc.

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