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Quirk Regulations

Quirk Cultural Center is a nonsmoking facility.

Alcoholic Beverages: May be served but not included in price of a ticket or sold unless permit holder secures a liquor license from the State of Ohio and presents same to the Parks and Recreation Office. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted outside the building.

Responsible Person in Charge: The holder of this permit will be financially responsible for the condition of the facility, all equipment therein, and the conduct of the activities of the group.

Refund Policy: Reservations canceled six months prior to reservation date – 90% refund; less than six months notice – 50% refund.

Decorations: Not permitted on walls, ceilings, etc. Table decorations may be used as long as they are of fireproof materials.

Youth Groups: A responsible adult will be required to secure the permit for all children and teenage groups using the facility. This same adult must be in attendance and will be held responsible for the building and the activities of the group. It is required that a minimum of two adults be present and suggest that at least one adult for every ten children or teenagers present be the rule. At the expense of the renter, an off-duty Cuyahoga Falls police officer must be secured one-half hour before guests are expected to arrive until one-half hour after event has ended, for all teenage groups using the facility.

Caterers: Caterers are not permitted to use the building at times other than listed on permit.

Purpose: These facilities may not be used for money-making activities used for personal profit.

Arrangements: Final arrangements must be made no later than two weeks prior to date of reservation by calling the Parks and Recreation Office or Quirk Cultural Center.

Reservation Policy: Reservations may be made one year in advance to the day requested. A total of two reservations may be scheduled at one time.

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