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Natatorium Gymnasium & Racquetball

Drawing of Gymnasium, Auxilary Gym, and Racquetball court


The Gymnasium can be used for basketball, volleyball, fitness programs and community events, sports clinics and camps, and a host of other activities. Its 10,000 square foot maple floor is large enough for one high school length basketball court, and two middle school length courts.

The Auxiliary Gymnasium is 4,200 square feet and can be used for a wide range of activities, including indoor soccer, volleyball, karate, and fitness classes.

Both Racquetball Courts are 800 square feet with glass back walls and provide space for activities including handball, racquetball and wallyball. Annual members may reserve one racquetball court three days in advance. Call 330-971-8080 to book your court.

Basketball Court Schedule

Picture of main gym



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