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Natatorium Fitness Circuit


Combining 24 aerobic and muscle training stations for a 30 minute workout using 12 weight resistance pieces and 12 cardiovascular stations. Fitness instructors are present during specific hours to monitor.

Fitness Circuit

Fitness Circuit Brochure

General Information

The Fitness Circuit was established at the “old Nat” in 1992. It is a structured workout alternating cardio and strength stations, with each station lasting only 30 seconds. Before using the Circuit, we recommend that each patron participate in one of the free scheduled orientations where he/she will learn how to use each piece of equipment, what weight he/she should initially use, and how the Circuit actually works. The great thing is that you can get a total workout in less than 30 minutes, so if you’re limited in time, this is the workout that you want. It can also be adapted to different age groups and fitness levels. Patrons must be age 14 and older. There is no extra fee associated with the Fitness Circuit. It is included in your membership/ entrance fee.

Who uses circuit training? 
The average age ranges between 14 and 90 years of age. We have almost an equal number of men and women, highly trained athletes and beginners.

How difficult will it be? 
The intensity of the workout will be based upon the level of fitness at which you begin. A FREE orientation is available by appointment to explain the equipment and to determine your personal starting point.

What will Fitness Circuit training do for me? 
This 30 minute workout provides the tools to be independent and as healthy as possible. The American College of Sports Medicine, along with The Center for Disease Control, strongly suggests all individuals weight train and do some aerobic activity. The Fitness Circuit meets both of those objectives.

Where is the Fitness Circuit located?
The Fitness Circuit is located on the Upper Fitness Floor



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