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The City Asks For Your Assistance to Help Make Your Building Address More Visible

Mayor Don L. Robart is pleased to announce a new program to help identify structures in the city that do not have an address number readily visible from the street. City employees, during the course of their workday will be placing door hangers on residential and commercial buildings that do not have visible address numbers. These employees will not be entering your home or building for any reason. They will only hang the marker on a door advising of the following information.

Visible house numbers can mean the difference between life and death when someone is not breathing, trapped by a fire, or in need of police assistance. With long nights and snowy weather, emergency responders such as police and fire need all the help they can get when looking for a residential or commercial house number.

The Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department and Police Department periodically encounter homes and businesses with missing or hidden house numbers. We felt it important to review the requirements and to have residents take a second look as to whether or not their numbers are visible from the street. Here are the requirements along with a few suggestions:

The Cuyahoga Falls Property Maintenance Code requirements for home address numbers requires them to be on the dwelling and at least 3 inches high with a ½" in width. Although not a requirement, they should also be reflective in nature. This allows the numbers to be more visible at night.

Larger numbers are better especially if your home sits further back from the road. For the homes that sit far back and have lengthy driveways, numbers should be posted at the driveway entrance to the street. If the mailbox is at the street, make sure to mark both sides since you never know from which direction the emergency responders would be coming from.

The numbers should contrast with the color of the building. Often we find them blending together making visibility difficult, especially at night. Any illumination such as porch lights and lampposts will also help the numbers stand out. The Electric Department has light bulbs available that blink when switched on which will help notify safety crews of the scene. Check to make sure landscaping bushes and shrubs have not grown to a point where numbers are blocked. Lastly, please take a moment and see if your address is visible from the street at night.

Your help will ensure that we find you even in the worst of weather conditions. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Community Development Department, Housing Division at 330- 971-8135 or the Fire Department at 330-971-8400.

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