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Cuyahoga Falls Police Narcotics Unit Executes a Search Warrant on Bailey Rd.

On 1/11/12 the Cuyahoga Falls Police Narcotics Unit executed a search warrant at 2843 Bailey Rd. The unit had received information from sources indicating that Methamphetamine was being manufactured at that location and one individual was known to have overdosed on drugs at that location but did survive. During the search of the residence evidence was found indicating that Methamphetamine was in fact being manufactured at that address.

As a result the Homeowner was arrested for being aware of the drug activity and allowing a 17-year-old daughter to reside at the location:

Dayna M. Lipan
Age 46
2843 Bailey Rd.
Cuyahoga Falls OH

Endangering Children (2919.22) Felony 3
Permitting Drug Abuse (2925.13) Felony 5

The homeowner’s 21-year-old son has been charged with Manufacturing Drugs and warrants have been issued for his arrest:
Joshua A. Jenkins
Age 21
2843 Bailey Rd.
Cuyahoga Falls OH

Manufacturing Drugs (2925.04) Felony 1
Illegal Assembly of Chemical to Manufacture (2925.04.1) Felony 2
Endangering Children (2919.22) Felony 3
Trafficking in Drugs (2925.030 Felony 3
Possession of Criminal Tools (2923.24) Felony 5
Possession of Methamphetamine (2925.11) Felony 5
Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments (2925.12) Misdemeanor 1
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (2925.14) Misdemeanor 4

A hazardous waste disposal contractor was summoned to the location by police to remove hazardous materials associated with the manufacturing of Methamphetamine and under section 1336.02 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Cuyahoga Falls the residence has been declared a Public Health Nuisance and placarded as uninhabitable. The owner, at their expense, will be required to have the residence inspected and returned to a safe condition before being allowed to return.

James J. Singleton
Sergeant Cuyahoga Falls Police

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