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Arson Arrest for Fire on Winter Parkway

On Wednesday morning December 21st, 2011at 4am, the Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department and Police responded to a call of a fire in the hallway of 2255 Winter Parkway, just outside of apartment #125. Upon arrival of the Fire Department and Police Officers, the fire was found to have been extinguished by the tenant in apartment #125 and a neighbor, who used a fire extinguisher on the blaze. The tenant of #125, Edward M Whitney, stated that just before 4am his dog started barking at the door. Whitney then went to the door and opened it and discovered a fire in the hallway outside of his door. Whitney looked around and saw a female by the name of Charlotte D Garrett running away and heading for the stairway.

The Cuyahoga Falls Fire Marshal was called out and it was determined that the fire was caused by someone soaking 2 newspapers in some sort of flammable accelerant and then lighting them.

Edward Whitney recognized Charlotte Garrett because Garrett was dating Whitney’s brother. Cuyahoga Falls Police had been out to this apartment complex several times earlier because Garrett was outside of apartment #125 banging on the door and would not leave. Police escorted Garrett from the building at 2:55 am and warned her not to return or she would be arrested for criminal trespass.

Charlotte D. Garrett was found not to far from the apartment complex by Police and arrested. Charlotte Garrett was charged with (1) count of Aggravated Arson, a felony of the first degree and is in the Cuyahoga Falls Jail awaiting her 8:30am arraignment at the Stow Muni Court.

The case is still under investigation and more charges are expected.

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