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Civic Center Improvements

The Civic Campus in the downtown district is about to undergo a major facelift. In 2007, the City purchased the former B&B Towing property, which is adjacent to the City Building. In late March 2008, B&B Towing relocated to 3901 State Road. The City has been working with the property owner for years and was successful in moving them to another site in Cuyahoga Falls. "It was important for us to keep B&B Towing in our City," commented Mayor Robart.

A demolition ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. After demolition, the plans for reconstruction include closing off the southern entrance to City Hall, which will then direct the motoring public to Stow Avenue. The new parking lot will include pleasing landscaping and approximately forty additional parking spaces for use by patrons of the City Building, Natatorium and Church Square.

Through the efforts of County Councilman John Schmidt, Summit County donated $10,000 to be applied toward the demolition of the property. "We are thankful for Mr. Schmidt's continuing support for projects located in his hometown," stated Susan Truby, Development Director.

For more information on these and other exciting projects, please contact the Development Department at (330) 971-8135.
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