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The City of Cuyahoga Falls announces that the Sanitation Department will begin its annual Citywide Spring Cleanup Program for All City of Cuyahoga Falls Sanitation customers beginning May 5 and continuing through May 16.

Please place all Spring Clean-Up refuse at the curb on your regular pickup day by 7 am for collection, along with your regular refuse and recyclables for these two weeks. There will be no additional charges for extra trash outside of your cart on your regular pickup day these 2 weeks.

Branches (less than 2 inches in diameter) and cuttings must be tied securely at both ends with heavy twine or rope in bundles not to exceed 5 feet in length and 24 inches in girth. Limit 5 bundles a week. All yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, garden waste, etc.) placed at the curbside must be in special paper yard waste bags. BRUSH AND YARD WASTE ARE COLLECTED SEPARATELY. Do not exceed 45 pounds per yard waste bag or per bundled brush, or 5 bundles of brush per week.

UNACCEPTABLE MATERIAL: Any waste not contained in a plastic bag, paper bag or box. Yard waste not placed in special paper yard waste bags, unbundled brush, tree trunks, logs or large parts of trees. Demolition material, construction material, stone, rock, broken or whole bricks or cement, gravel, cinders, ashes, asphalt, or earth. Vehicle parts or tires, motor oil, lead-acid batteries, gasoline tanks, propane tanks, pet feces that is not double bagged, or carpet that is not rolled (5' x 2') and secured at both ends. If residents have any questions, they may telephone the Sanitation Department offices directly at 971-8010.
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