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City Unveils Mayor's 2007 State of City Video on City's Website

Development Director Susan L. Truby is pleased to announce that the City has unveiled Mayor Don L. Robart's 2007 State of the City Address on the City's website "We are very excited to have this video available to the residents of Cuyahoga Falls," said Mrs. Truby. "This is the first time since the inception of our website that we've been able to provide this feature and, considering how much Cuyahoga Falls has to offer, it is another great tool to show off this great city."

The video, which details the overwhelming achievements of the city's service, development, recreation and financial sectors sheds light on past projects and future directions Cuyahoga Falls is moving. Some of the topics include the developments of the State Road Shopping Center, the financial strength of the city and numerous other involvements of the service and parks and recreation departments.

To view the video, log onto and locate the link under Mayor Don L. Robart's picture titled "Click here for Mayor Robart's live 2007 State of the City Address."
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