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Late Payment Penalty Coming For Utilities

Recently the City of Cuyahoga Falls' City Council passed legislation updating our utility billing collection standards. In an effort to keep customer accounts on track, a 10% late payment penalty will go into effect September 1, 2007, in the event the bill is not paid by the due date or not paid in full. Therefore, we strongly encourage that you get all outstanding balances up to date prior to September 1st. Any outstanding balance will receive the 10% penalty for that cycle and if it remains unpaid, the penalty will occur each month.

Additional changes effective July 1, 2007 include increased rental security deposits, increased reconnection fees for non-payment, an initiation fee for new accounts, and a lien for water and sewer as permitted by State law- not electric. If you have concerns or questions regarding your account, please contact the utility billing office at 330-971-8250. Please click here to view the rate changes
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