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Residents Can Now Prepare City Income Tax Online

Click here to try it.Mayor Don L .Robart announces on February 6, 2006, a new service will be available which will allow residents to prepare their City Income Tax online. This marks another service that has been made available through the City's eGovernment Program known as CFO - Cuyahoga Falls Online. CFO provides the residents of Cuyahoga Falls centralized on-line access to City services. Mayor Robart states "Once again, we continue to expand CFO with the addition of the Income Tax Preparer."

At this time, the Income Tax Preparer is only available to residents with W2 and/or 1099-MISC schedules. The Income Tax Preparer will guide the taxpayer through the steps to complete the return. The preparer will perform all calculations and generate the tax return which must be printed and then mailed with supporting documents. It is important to note, as with non-online tax preparation, the return is not considered final until it has been audited by the Income Tax Department.

This is similar to last year's Income Tax Preparer but has been improved to be easier to use and provide an interface to the city tax system. Therefore, information such as name, address, telephone number, birth date, estimated tax payments and carry forwards will appear automatically. Also, once the resident has completed the return, the information entered will be updated in the income tax system streamlining the filing process.

In order to use this new service, you will need your file number, which is located on the top right corner of your City Income Tax form you received in the mail, W2's and/or 1099-MISC's. (If you did not receive your City Income Tax form in the mail, contact the Income Tax Division at (330) 971-8220). Simply click on the Income Tax Preparer link located below the CFO logo on the city's website at and follow the instructions. Once you have completed the steps, you will need to print the City Income Tax Return, and mail it with W-2's and 1099-MISC's to the Income Tax Division, P.O. Box 361,Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44222-0361.

Other services available through CFO are viewing/paying of Utility Bills and renewal of contractor licenses. Also, within the Parks and Recreation, you can view/register/pay for programs, view availability of rental facilities, view account history, and purchase/renew Waters Works Pool passes.

Mayor Robart adds, "We are pleased about the success of CFO which has proven to be very popular among our residents as activity continues to increase. We feel we are meeting our objective with the eGovernment Initiative- convenience for residents, improving services and increasing productivity".

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