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City To Get Tough On Graffiti

Mayor Don L. Robart is launching a major initiative to stop graffiti in Cuyahoga Falls. Unfortunately, the City has seen an increase in the number of graffiti incidents. "These acts of vandalism are extremely disheartening to the residents and visitors of our fine community, particularly in the downtown district." said Mayor Don L. Robart. "Both the public and private sectors have made major investments in the riverfront area and we will not tolerate this type of destruction on public and private properties. I will tell you, the City will be taking aggressive actions to stop this graffiti vandalism.

New security cameras are being purchased to monitor these illegal activities. The City Police Department is increasing patrols, which include undercover officers and a special graffiti buster vehicle. A hotline, 330-971-KNOW (5669), has also been set up for the public to call if anyone sees graffiti activity occurring or to report graffiti vandalism. A $250.00 reward will be given to any citizen for information leading to the arrest and conviction of graffiti violators.

"We need everyone in the community to be an extra set of eyes to let the City 'KNOW' about graffiti violators and to help us stop the private and public property graffiti vandalism," said Mayor Robart, "Together, we can end this inappropriate form of expression."

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