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Community Development Block Grant Program

The City of Cuyahoga Falls’ Community Development Block Grant program is funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Since becoming an entitlement community in 2004, Cuyahoga Falls has received a total of $6,975,522 in Community Development Block Grant Funds to address the needs of our local community and $783,204 in Neighborhood Stabilization Funds.

There are three national objectives of the program:  Low/Moderate Income, Slum & Blight and Urgent Need.  Cuyahoga Falls’ funds are primarily used for activities benefiting the low to moderate-income residents of our community.  The income guidelines for these programs are established annually by HUD.

Cuyahoga Falls has fourteen low/mod census blocks located in the four planning areas of the city.  Six are located in the Cuyahoga River Area, three in the State and Portage Area, two in the Bailey/Munroe Falls Area, and two in the Northampton Area.

Programs currently offered utilizing Community Development Block Grant funds are:

  • Citywide income quailified owner-occupied housing assistance programs
    • Low interest loans
    • Emergencies
    • Exterior Repair Loan
    • Independent Living Grant
    • Down Payment Assistance Loan
  • Infrastructure improvements in low/mod neighborhoods, such as:
    • Chestnut Crossings at 4th and Chestnut
    • Main Street roadway improvements by Americhem
    • Wyoga Lake Multi-purpose Trail
    • Wyoga Lake Employment Campus street construction
    • South Front Street Redevelopment Corridor
    • Prospect Street Extension
  • Economic Development
    • Low interest loans with a job creation requirement

For more information, please contact the CDBG Entitlement Administrator at 330 971-8140 in the Community Development Department.

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