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Payment Schedule

Payments can can be made in person during payment hours or may be mailed with a check/money order, proof of insurance (if required) and original ticket with defendant's signature.

Ordinances associated with an accident/crash report require a Court appearance and are not eligible to be paid by waiver.

Payment Options
  • Cash
  • Check/Money Order
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover Card
Moving Violations
313.01Obedience to traffic control devices306090
331.02Passing to right when proceeding in opposite directions306090
331.03Overtaking, passing to left; driver's duties.306090
331.04Overtaking and passing upon right306090
331.05Overtaking, passing to left of center306090
331.07Hazardous or no passing zones306090
331.08Driving in marked lanes or continuous lines of traffic306090
331.09Following too closely306090
331.10Turning at intersections306090
331.12"U" turns restricted306090
331.14Signals before changing course, turning or stopping306090
331.16Right of way at  intersections306090
331.17Right of way when turning left306090
331.18Operation of vehicle at yield signs306090
331.19Operation of vehicle at stop signs306090
331.25Driver's view and control to be unobstructed by load or persons306090
331.26Driving upon street posted as closed for repair306090
331.30One-way streets and rotary traffic islands306090
331.34Failure to control; weaving; full time and attention306090
331.36Squealing tires, "peeling", cracking exhaust noises306090
331.41Shortcutting; avoiding traffic control devices306090
333.03(B)Maximum speed limits   
 Non-School Zone:1 to 10 mph over206080
  11 to 20 mph over306090
  21 to 30 mph over4060100
  31 mph and overCourt Appearance
 School Zone:1 to 5 mph over356095
  6 to 10 mph over4560105
  11 to 15 mph over5560115
  16 mph and overCourt Appearance
333.04Stopping vehicle; slow speed; posted minimum speeds306090
333.08Operation in willful or wanton disregard of safety306090
337.01Driving unsafe vehicles306090


Non-Moving Violations
335.09Display of license plates306090
335.10Expired or unlawful license plates306090
337.03Headlights on motor vehicles and motorcycles306090
337.04Tail light; illumination of rear license plate306090
337.08Red light or red flag on extended loads306090
337.10Lights on slow-moving vehicles; emblem required306090
337.13Display of lighted lights306090
337.14Use of headlight beams306090
337.20Muffler; muffler cutout; excessive smoke, gas or noise306090
337.24Motor vehicle stop lights306090
337.26Child restraint system usage256085
337.27(B)1Drivers required to wear seat belts303161
337.27(B)2Passengers required to wear seat belts203151
337.28Use of sun screening, nontransparent and reflectorized materials306090


Minor Misdemeanor Offenses
505.02Dogs and other animals running at large4060100
505.04Annual registration of dogs; tags required4060100
509.03Disorderly conduct7560135
509.08Unlawful congregation on sidewalks and public grounds7560135
529.07Open container prohibited7560135


Parking Violations
Non-Handicap:Paid within 5 days


 Paid within 6 days to 30days15520
 Subsequent within 60 days25530
Handicap: Paid within 5 days50-50
 Paid within 6 days to 30days50555
All below listed ordinance follow parking payment schedule above


Prohibited standing or parking places.
Parking near curb; handicapped locations on public and private lots and garages.
Parking within marked parking spaces.
Maximum consecutive time limit.
Parking on narrow streets.
Parking on devil strips prohibited.
Parking prohibited in fire lanes.
Parking on private property.
City lot and Natatorium parking.
Utility bill payment parking.
Parking in residential areas.
Unattended vehicle:  duty to stop engine, remove key, set brake and turn wheels.
Opening vehicle door on traffic side.
Emergency parking ban during heavy snow.
Junk motor vehicles.
Regulating unlicensed motor vehicles.

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