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Technical Service

The Technical Service Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of electro-mechanical and electronic devices used by our Safety Forces, Service Departments and the citizens of Cuyahoga Falls. This includes traffic signals, mobile data terminals in our police vehicles, lights and sirens for safety vehicles, portable two-way radios, telephones, cellular telephones, pagers and virtually any electronic device used by any of the city departments. There are currently three divisions within the Technical Service Department: The Traffic Signalization Division, the Radio Communications Division and the Telephone and Landline Division.

The Traffic Signalization Division - Fequently Asked Traffic Questions

    The Traffic Division, assisted by qualified traffic engineers, designs, installs and maintains the city’s traffic control system. Within the City of Cuyahoga Falls, there are 77 signalized intersections. Additionally, there are 31 school flasher signs and 14 caution lights. In a given year, this department averages 500 requests for such traffic signal maintenance as lamp, traffic loop, electrical transformer and signal head replacements throughout the city. These requests may range from single lamp failures to complete system failures in adverse weather conditions. The Traffic Division is also frequently called upon to upgrade the equipment at the various intersections to improve the safety and movement of traffic.

Radio Communication Division

    Efficient and reliable radio communications are vital to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Cuyahoga Falls, in times of normal operation, but more importantly, in times of emergency or natural disaster. The radio communication system serves the needs of all city departments including the Police, Fire, Electric, Street, Water, Sanitation, Parks and Recreation, Engineering, Building, Buildings & Grounds, Community Development, Utility Billing and Technical Service Departments. Since 1994, the City of Cuyahoga Falls has benefited from the 800 mHz trunked radio system which has provided a dramatic improvement in communications for our safety forces, service departments and our citizens.

Telephone and Landline Division

    It is the age of information. The need to obtain and distribute this information is a vital role the Telephone and Landline Division plays in providing reliable and efficient data communication. This division is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the city’s internal telephone systems, fax machine connections, fiber optic circuits and computer cabling connections, relocation of telephone and computer services within the city departments and various other forms of technical support, thereby providing our city departments with the most up-to-date, efficient voice and data communications available.

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