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Regional Public Safety Dispatch

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 Provide a high quality gateway to Public Safety Services through Technology and Teamwork.

Cuyahoga Falls Communication Center exists to provide the citizens of its own service community as well as the Village of Silver Lake, and the City of Munroe Falls an effective means by which to summon both emergency and non-emergency public safety assistance and to provide our public safety personnel with constant, reliable communications and support. For our public safety responders to provide the highest level of prompt and professional service, Dispatch staff must be able to gather and relay as much information as possible with the utmost precision, accuracy and speed.




       Each year, the second full week of April is dedicated to the men and women who serve as public safety telecommunicators. 

      Dispatchers have existed for about as long as the telephone, although they used to be called “switchboard operators”  connecting all calls, not just emergency ones.  At that time, operators were often the ones who found the best emergency support, provided additional contact information, and even set off the town fire alarm.  Today, dispatchers continue to adapt to new circumstances, implement new technologies, and save countless lives.  We are the first line of defense between a frantic population and imminent disaster.  The reality is, however, that public safety dispatch personnel are thrust into the shadows with the focus being placed on police officers and firefighters.

       In his 1994 Presidential Proclamation, President Clinton described the purpose of NTW well:“America’s public safety telecommunicators serve our citizens daily in countless ways. The work of these “unseen first responders” is invaluable in emergency situations, and each of these dedicated men and women deserves our heartfelt appreciation. This week is a time for a grateful Nation to show its appreciation and to recognize that our health, safety, and well-being are often dependent on the commitment and steadfast devotion of public safety telecommunicators”.

       The Cuyahoga Falls Regional Dispatch Center employees twelve full-time and four part-time dispatchers, with a combined total of 262 years of experience in public safety dispatch.  The Center is a 24/7/365 operation serving the cities of Cuyahoga Falls, Munroe Falls and Silver Lake in dispatching police, fire, ems and 911 calls for service. 

       The types of calls received in this Center range from everything imaginable to many calls that most people would find unimaginable.   We brace ourselves with nerves of steel as we listen to a mother screaming for her child to live, the man with a gun wishing to end his time on this earth, the family watching their home go up in flames, or a request for backup and more equipment while not giving way to panic.

       We give thanks for healthy ears, for they are our link with those who need us; for keeping our minds sharp and alert, our fingers quick and nimble and for never letting us forget how to do ten things at once and do them all equally well. We ask our families to make many sacrifices.  Sacrifices to shift work, overtime, canceled plans, missed ball games, school programs, dinners for two and times when we just can't take on one more thing.

       In the midst of all the stress we ask for help to never forget why we chose this job in the first place, to never lose sight of what is important, that we make a difference in the lives of those who truly need our help.

We are Public Safety Telecommunicators!

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