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Safety & Education

Education is a powerful tool in fighting fires…and a potential lifesaver.  Fire Fighters and educators agree that the best way to fight fires and save life is with fire education.  The Fire Prevention Bureau does just that for local children and adults.  Last year brought an increased involvement in the schools and community events throughout the city.  Children spent time in the Fire Safety House to learn home fire safety and escape.  The Fire Safety House allows fire safety professionals the opportunity to illustrate various home hazards in a realistic environment.  Children learn that fire fighters are their friends and that they should not be afraid of the masked figures they may see in a real fire situation.

The Juvenile Firestoppers Program, run by Children’s’ Hospital of Akron, is designed to address children who have a fixation with fire.  The program is designed to review the child’s behavior and determine a proper course of action.  Visit Juvenile Fire Stoppers at

A common problem that generates concern for the FPB is the lack of working smoke detectors found during fire investigations.  Many detectors do not have batteries or there are no detectors at all.  "Working smoke detectors in the home" is emphasized both in the local newspaper and throughout our Fire Safety Education Program.  A statistic, which remains true in the State of Ohio, is that no fires have occurred with loss of life in the state in the past seven years in homes with working smoke detectors, yet 80% of all fire deaths occur in residential homes without detectors.

In a typical year, members of the FPB provide training to over 6,000 children and come into contact with nearly 10,000 members of the community during classroom education in the schools, summer programs and community events.  These opportunities involve the following events and organizers.

Cuyahoga Falls Schools

Woodridge Schools

Huga Bear



Parks and Recreation

Safety Town

Blossom Festival Days

Schnee School




First Minutes

Extinguisher Classes

Station Tours

Sixth Grade Health Class

Fire Prevention Week

Great Rubber Ducky Race

Good Neighbors

American Legion

Coast Guard Ausillary

Veterans’ of Foreign Wars



The department receives may calls to check the carbon monoxide (CO) level in homes.  While they are investigating for CO, fire fighters check the smoke detectors for proper operation.  If the detector does not work, fire fighters check the battery and provide a replacement if one is needed.

Residents may call the fire department @ (330) 971-8400, M-F, 8 – 5, to request smoke detectors and/or assistance if they cannot afford or are unable to install smoke detectors.  Smoke detectors are provided one time to each residence, but help with installation is always available.

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