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The Engineering Department is located on the first floor of the Municipal Building. This department is responsible for the design and construction of all public improvement projects, including street paving storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water lines. It serves as the repository for all allotment plot plans, underground utility maps and has on file Summit County tax maps and federal government flood plain maps.

The Engineering Department assigns house numbers and issues permits for construction in the street of road right-of-way, such as street excavation, sidewalk and drive approach construction, curb cutting, downspout openings and sanitary sewer lateral and water service connections. All contractors doing work in the street right-of-way must be registered with the city. All contractors doing sanitary sewer lateral connections must be registered sewer tappers or plumbers.

The city Engineer is Tony V. Demasi. For any questions regarding the services of the Engineering Department, call 330/971-8180.

Projects out to bid

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