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Plastic Recycling

Do Recycle:
All numbers of clear and colored plastic bottles (including P.E.T and H.D.P.E)*

Don't Recycle:
Styrofoam meat trays and egg cartons - Microwave dishes - Flower pots and plant flats - Vinyl siding

Labels need not be removed - Rinse and drain - place loose in blue-lidded cart co-mingled with aluminum / tin / metal cans and rigid plastic.

Plastic is Recycled into:
Plastic lumber - Boat docks - Landscape ties - Fiberfil - Carpet Backing

* P.E.T is polyethylene terephalate (soft drink bottles)
* H.D.P.E is high density polyethylene (clear milk jugs, distilled and spring water, punch drink bottles and colored container such as Tide, Downy, Ivory, etc.)

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