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Customer Benefits

The City will be offering a new, superior service to utility customers through an innovative, state-of-the-art, meter-reading system called Automated Meter Reading (AMR).  This new technology will improve accuracy and lower operational costs of reading meters.

Customer Benefits Include:

  • Improved Billing Accuracy – no more estimated bills
  • Fully automated system to allow city to read electric and water meters remotely, diminishing labor costs.
  • Promotes energy efficiency and conservation by offering proactive leak detection.
  • Residents will soon be offered the option to choose a bill date.
  • Project is self-funded, resulting in an additional $2 million savings for Cuyahoga Falls over the 10-year contract.
  • Improved outage detection and faster response/recovery.
  • Minimize (or eliminate) the need to enter private property for reads.

Customer will be notified when the installation crew is scheduled to start working in their neighborhood.  Installers of the new metering system will carry identification as a representative of the City of Cuyahoga Falls.

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