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CFABA League Contacts


The Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Baseball Association is a tax exempt -nonprofit organization operating a youth baseball program under the auspices of the Cuyahoga Falls Parks and Recreation Department. The goals of this program are to improve upon the mental and physical health of its participants, enhance intellectual and character development, and encourage socially accepted behavior, all while pursuing the game of baseball.

The objectives of the program are to instill in the players good sportsmanship, honesty, courage, and responsibility as well as learn to play the game of baseball These objectives are most effectively met by providing the best possible leadership available to serve as board members, administrators, managers, and coaches.

While striving to win in any competitive endeavor is an admirable and expected trait, the Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Baseball Association will not tolerate any conduct by players, coaches, managers, or parents that is considered inconsistent or detrimental to the overall philosophy of the program. The pursuit of the winning of games will be considered a secondary goal, while the development of strong character and the provision for wholesome play and recreation is the primary purpose.

2015 CFABA Board of Trustees 


John Anspach, Baseball Coordinator: 330-923-3623

Bob Brown, Association President: 330-929-5671

Curt Carlton, Association Vice President: 330-923-9614

Ryan Kinnan, Association Secretary: 330-814-1929


T-Ball (5-6 years old)- Adam Redd: 330-350-1674

Coach-Pitch (7-8 years old)- Andrew Cole: 330-564-3721

H-League (9-10 years old)- Greg Nowak: 330-730-4449

G-League (11-12 years old)- Ryan Kinnan: 330-814-1929

F-League (13-14 years old)- Steve Scott: 330-622-1989

E-League (15-18 years old)- Scott Wilson: 330-696-3173

Governing Board of Trustees

Amy Brearley: 330-338-8548                                                  Bruce Claflin: 330-928-3546 

Chris Schoolcraft: 330-388-2424                                            Dale Carlton: 330-388-2284

Steve Bishop: 330-929-7266                                                  David Qualls: 330-620-4211

Dale Brigger: 330-631-3916                                                  Jim Robinette: 330-714-6785

Joe Reinhart: 330-351-3789                                                    Mark Hanna: 330-896-0501

Meri Stemple: 330-338-5182                                                 Bill Thompson: 330-285-4928

Mike Stemple: 330-701-6463                                                 Pat Lenhart: 330-923-2163

Denny Towsley: 330-208-0679

Webmaster: Ryan Kinnan, Secretary: 330-814-1929 

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