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Forever Young Program Description

Unique Program

Forever Young is a unique hybrid program for ages 50 and above that focuses on cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, cognition and nutrition. Its mission is to address the physical challenges of baby boomers in their quest to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The six key elements mentioned previously will be utilized each week of training. The programming will take any physical activity required in everyday life and incorporate it into a functional fitness workout class or exercise.

Flexible Alternative

While the Natatorium already offers the “Silver Series” classes for ages 60 and up, Forever Young will feature equipment that isn’t found in the main building, like Kinesis and Pilates Reformer. Kinesis, a sleek and functional exercise wall utilizing cables of varying heights, allows training for strength, balance, coordination and integrated movement, all at once. Pilates Reformer improves posture and balance while it strengthens and improves flexibility using the core and central muscles. All equipment may be adjusted to accommodate any ability and fitness level. There is even a separate room where brain fitness exercises will take place to help keep the mind sharp.

Personalized Advantage

One of the biggest advantages participants will appreciate is working out in a personalized, intimate, non-intimidating fitness setting with the added comfort of exercising among their own peer group. Friendly, motivating staff will be standing by to assist those who have never exercised before, or just haven’t in a while. “’Fitness for Function’ is our mantra and we are deeply committed to helping people stay in their own homes longer while helping them maintain their independence. We truly believe that through this program, we can positively change lives and the way we approach aging,” said Bill Lohan, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation.

History of our space

An interesting history exists behind the physical space within the new Center for Functional Fitness - the former Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Court built in the 1960’s. When the court relocated in 2009, several municipal departments considered relocating in the space; however, none found the round rooms to be much suited for offices. Parks and Recreation, however, envisioned unique workout spaces allowing for an expansion of programming that couldn’t be offered at the Natatorium due to maximization of space. The wood paneling adds rich warmth to the rooms and the leaded glass windows are not only eye appealing, but also allow plenty of natural light. Remodeling costs were kept low by carrying on the city’s quarter century tradition of recycling and retrofitting portions of the former courtrooms to complement the new fitness area. Judge’s benches were disassembled and repositioned in the main entrance creating the welcome desk, the witness stand now houses the entrance turnstile, and Judge’s chambers are now dressing rooms. It is even especially fitting that the brain fitness activities, an important component of the Forever Young program, are taking place in the former law library. top

2345 Fourth Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 - Phone: 330-971-8080