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City-Wide Collaboration Between Mayor, Police, Fire, School Districts, Businesses and Hospital Launches Massive Anti-Drug Campaign Against Methamphetamine and Heroin Use

In a widespread collaboration, the Cuyahoga Falls community has come together to launch “Not Me, I’m Drug Free,” an anti-drug campaign that unites the Mayor’s office, Cuyahoga Falls and Woodridge school districts, police department, fire department, community businesses and Western Reserve Hospital in an unprecedented effort to curb drug abuse — especially meth and heroin — in Cuyahoga Falls.

 The “Not Me, I’m Drug Free” campaign is designed to educate Cuyahoga Falls elementary school students about the dangers of using meth and heroin by connecting with them using Facebook, yard signs, posters, T-shirts, incentive cards and much more.

 “Drug abuse is a growing problem in Cuyahoga Falls, and we must be proactive as a community to address and minimize this life-destroying problem,” said Mayor Don Walters. “The unique collaboration between my office, the police department, fire department, school district, hospital and local businesses will allow us to provide a consistent, pervasive message throughout Cuyahoga Falls: We are drug free.”

 “The effects of these hard drugs are catastrophic to a person’s health and mental well-being,” said Dr. Robert Kent, President and CEO of Western Reserve Hospital. “Western Reserve Hospital has initiated a number of effective programs that seek to improve the overall health of the community, and these bold strides toward reducing drug use will play a huge role in helping us achieve that goal.”

 The initiative was launched on May 28, 2014 at an event held at DeWitt Elementary School, where Mayor Walters, Dr. Kent, Police Chief Jack Davis, Fire Chief Paul Moledor, Cuyahoga Falls City Schools Superintendent Dr. Todd Nichols and Woodridge Schools Superintendent Walter Davis all spoke to the students, parents and community.

 “It is vital to educate students about the extreme dangers of drug use as early as possible so they’re equipped with the knowledge to say no if they’re ever offered drugs,” said Nichols.

 “We cannot stress this message enough, and I’m so proud of the many people and organizations in Cuyahoga Falls who are seamlessly working together for the safety of our children and the collective good of our community,” said Woodridge Superintendent Davis.

 Students and families who abstain from drugs can take advantage of the ‘Free’-wards incentive card, which offers valuable perks on food and family activities in and around Cuyahoga Falls.

 Some of these perks include a free set of ear buds at Western Reserve Hospital, free admission to Water Works Family Aquatic Center, free rentals at Family Video, free food and desserts at many area restaurants and much more.

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