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Dam Demolition Process Continues

The demolition process of the two low head dams in Cuyahoga Falls continues.  As stated before, the river construction zone begins at Water Works Park and continues to Prospect Bridge.  The public is advised to stay out of the river, both in a personal manner and in a physical manner (i.e. watercraft).  Unauthorized public entering the river in restricted areas may be subject to prosecution. The river contains debris that can be hazardous.  Clean-up of large debris continues with crews working to separate the material.  Dam debris are being removed from the river with a priority focus on capturing all rebar from the dams for safety reasons. The water is temporarily expected to take on a murky appearance; please be patient as the river begins its healing process and nature is allowed to take its course.  The river will continually change over the next months with this process highly monitored as to when crews may have to intervene.

Last changed 08/15/2013 - 4:16pm by schaade@cityofcf