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PRESS RELEASE - No Forms Required When Filing City Taxes Online

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don L. Robart announces an enhancement to the Online Income Tax Preparer service available on the City’s website. Residents filing their City income tax online and owe no taxes and have no overpayment, will not have to mail their returns or documentation.

Residents can log on to the website at and click on “Income Tax Preparer”.  From there, simply enter the required information into the Income Tax Preparation Form. Most calculations will be performed automatically. Once the resident has entered all information, they can review the data and go back to correct mistakes if needed.  If the resident owes no taxes and has not overpaid, they are done. There is no requirement to submit any forms or tax documentation.

The tax information is transmitted to the Income Tax department where the information is cross checked with Federal data to insure accuracy. If taxes are owed or it is a business return the return must be printed and sent to the Income Tax Department with supporting tax documentation.

It is important to note, that during this process, Income tax information is only being stored in the users webpage.  Once the user leaves the webpage the information is gone. The information entered is completely secure through a digital certificate, which means no one else can have access while the user is entering his or her tax information.

Though the Income Tax Preparer has been online since 2004, the return had to be printed and sent to the City Income Tax Department. This was necessary to verify the return. The City has recently partnered with CCA for assisting in collecting delinquent taxes and part of their service is to supply the city with federal data to electronically cross check city returns for accuracy thus eliminating the need for paper forms and documentation.

This quick and easy process simplifies tax preparation for residents and eliminates paper and handling. It  will also eliminate the need for data entry in the Tax Department for returns where no tax in owed.

“This is another example of the benefits of the eGovernment initiative implemented back in 2004.  By simplifying processes and therefore increasing productivity, we are able to continue our goal of providing online services to our residents” commented Mayor Robart. 

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