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Volunteers Needed for the Keyser Park Barn Restoration Project

The Bicentennial Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the City's Bicentennial Legacy Project by restoring The Keyser Park Barn. If you have any carpentry or painting skills or you're not afraid of heights, have some spare time this summer and looking for a unique way to participate in the Cuyahoga Falls Bicentennial? If so, you may want to consider volunteering to help restore the Keyser Park Barn.  The historic Keyser Park Barn, located on Bath Road in Keyser Park, is a classic timberframe barn with a storied past and, with your help, a promising future.  The Cuyahoga Falls Bicentennial Committee has selected the restoration of the Barn as a legacy project: a physical reminder of our Bicentennial Celebration Year that will be around for years after the Bicentennial celebrations are completed.

The Cuyahoga Falls Parks and Recreation Dept. and the Northampton Historical Society have jointly provided seed money for the restoration of the barn.  This money will provide only the basics: materials, some construction equipment, and some tools.  This is quite literally a community project: the labor will be provided by the residents and friends of Cuyahoga Falls who want to put their mark on the future of our community, while at the same time honoring our history and the lives of those who went before us.

The Committee encourages all residents and friends of the Bicentennial to sign up for volunteer opportunities at the barn project.  These opportunities include:

1. Removing and salvaging slate roof shingles.
2. Removing existing siding.
3. Hanging new wood siding and trim.
4. Painting.

Volunteers must be comfortable working at various heights on scaffolding and ladders.  However, some painting will be done at ground level.  Volunteers must be comfortable using hand and power tools.  Personal Protective Gear will be required and must be worn while on the project site!  Volunteers will be required to adhere to safety instructions.  Because this is a fully volunteer project, all volunteers will be required to sign a release of liability.

This project will begin in May and will proceed through June and July as necessary or until completed.  Work will be scheduled according to the availability of volunteers and may proceed on any day of the week where sufficient volunteers are available.    If you wish to help us with a lasting project that will be here for years to come, please fill out the Volunteer Registration Form and forward it to the Bicentennial Committee at P.O. Box 1182, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223.  We will contact everyone who submits an application. 

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