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Cuyahoga Falls Gas Aggregation Update and Rate Beginning May 1

Valerie Wax Carr, Director of Public Service has announced that Cuyahoga Falls has entered into a new natural gas contract with IGS Energy.  The current contract with Vectren Source Energy is set to expire at the end of April 2012.  The Vectren rate of $3.4008/mcf variable and $4.491/mcf fixed will run through April, which is reflected on the May bill.

Under the terms of the Aggregation Program, eligible residential and small commercial customers will be included in the purchasing group automatically unless they elect to opt-out of the Program.  IGS Energy will be sending information to all eligible customers on or around April 20, 2012.

The new contract with IGS Energy will end in March 2014.  The offer provided will be a monthly variable rate based on the current market price through the March 2013 billing period. The offer is price protected and has a cap of $5.74 per Mcf. There is no cancellation fee to leave the program.   The price for the second year of the contract will be locked in before March 2013. 

During the transition to IGS Energy, customers’ accounts may briefly revert to Dominion East Ohio for service.  Should this occur, customers need not worry about this and can ignore any mailing literature from Dominion.

Effective May 1, 2012 and on the 1st of each month following, the new variable rate will be advertised on the City’s website at  

For current participants in the City’s gas program:

  • Participants will automatically flip from Vectren Source Energy over to IGS Energy.  This is an opt-out program.
  • Letters will be mailed from IGS to each customer explaining the program.
  • Participants will have the option to terminate at any time without cancellation fees.

For Dominion East Ohio customers paying the SCO rate:

  • Dominion customers will be automatically flipped into the City’s program.  This is an opt-out program.
  • Letters have been mailed from IGS to each customer explaining the program and options.
  • If you chose not to participate, contact IGS to opt-out.

For customers that are on another CHOICE program with a different supplier:

  • You will not receive a letter.
  • You may call IGS to join, but review your current contract first.

If you have any additional questions regarding the City of Cuyahoga Falls Aggregate Gas Program, contact IGS Energy at: 1-800-280-4474

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