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Cuyahoga Falls Households Encouraged to Redeem Energy Efficient Light Bulb Coupons

The Cuyahoga Falls Electric System (CFES) encourages residential electric utility customers to take advantage of the GE manufacturer compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb coupons mailed to households a few weeks ago. The manufacturer coupons are part of the CFES Public Power residential energy efficiency initiative in partnership with Efficiency Smart to assist Cuyahoga Falls households in conserving energy and controlling energy costs. This can be done through replacement of inefficient incandescent light bulbs with high quality CFL bulbs. Many local stores carry a variety of energy efficient light bulbs for which these money-saving coupons may be applied.

This first round of coupons will expire September 30th, however, a second mailing of coupons will accompany a fall 2011 community energy efficiency education and awareness outreach. For more information or store locations, please call the City of Cuyahoga Falls at 330-971-8201, or call Efficiency Smart at 1-877-889-3777. Visit the Web site at

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