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Cuyahoga Falls Offers Paperless Utility Billing

Mayor Don L. Robart announces a new cost saving initiative that offers City of Cuyahoga Falls utility customers the option of receiving their utility bills online. Utility customers will now have the option to receive email notification that their utility bill is due instead of receiving a paper bill in the mail. The email notification will include the customer's mailing address and service account number, current charges, amount due, payment date and a link to the City Web site to view additional billing information.

Paperless utility billing in conjunction with paying utility bills online and by automatic bank draft will provide significant savings in costs associated with purchasing paper, printing, postage and handling of traditional paper utility bills. In addition, paperless utility billing is more environmentally sustainable with great potential for significantly reducing paper waste and CO2 emissions. "Paperless utility billing is a win-win situation for the community and for the environment, and is yet another positive result of our eGovernment initiative to reduce costs while increasing efficiency," states Mayor Don L. Robart.

To Go Paperless log in to CFonline using your user id and password. If you don't have a CFOnline user id, you can sign up here. After signing in click on the Utility Billing tab, then click on the Go Paperless logo and follow the simple instructions to get signed up.
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