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Experience Nature at Babb Run.There is no better time of year to experience the natural beauty of Babb Run Park than autumn. Babb Run Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on 29 acres off Sackett Avenue and is one of the oldest Parks and Recreation areas and the largest park of its kind in Cuyahoga Falls. This land was designated for park use over 50 years ago. Since that time, many problems have occurred in the area including tremendous erosion that has affected the entire Babb Run site. The erosion was so extreme that in 1967, the whole site was abandoned as a programmed park in our city. Since that time, new storm sewers have been added to stabilize the massive erosion that plagued the area for so many years.

With the assistance of grants and park levy dollars, Babb Run Park was completely rebuilt in 1982. The result was a beautifully wooded natural park site that included trails, pathways, picnic sites, footbridges, a hard surface road, a parking lot and landscaping.

In 2004, the city endured some devastating rainstorms that again caused severe erosion resulting in the culvert pipe at the bottom of the access road that runs off Sackett Avenue being completely washed out. The city petitioned the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the hopes of acquiring the funding for the repairs. Unfortunately, the city was rejected for the funding. The decision was then made to close Babb Run Park to vehicular traffic until such time that the necessary repairs could be made.

Monies were budgeted in 2007 for both stabilization of the hill along Sackett Avenue and the replacement of the culvert at the bottom of the access road. Sackett Avenue was closed for approximately six weeks in April of 2007 for landslide repairs near the park. And, in the spring of 2008, construction began to replace the old, collapsed metal culvert pipe with a new, concrete box culvert that was installed beneath the road. Stabilization also occurred on the front and back of the culvert banks and the entire access road was replaced.

Just a few weeks ago, Babb Run Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary reopened to vehicular traffic. What a pleasure it is to return this beautiful park site to the community in its natural splendor. Mayor Robart commented, "I'm quite happy to once again see people in the park enjoying its wonderful fall foliage. I welcome everyone to stop by and see the new, revised Babb Run Park!"
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