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2008 Paint Reimbursement Applications Available!

You may be eligible for a refund up to $250 for the cost of exterior paint and minor painting supplies.

To qualify, you must be the owner and occupant of a single family home in Cuyahoga Falls with an annual household income less than the following:

1 Person - $34,550

2 People - $39,500

3 People - $44,400

4 People - $49,350

5 People - $53,300

6 People - $57,250

7 People - $61,200

8 People - $65,150

Types of eligible expenses include:

Exterior paint or stain, Paint brushes, Scrapers, Wire brush

Rental of power washer, Drop cloths, Caulk

Applications must be submitted by September 30, 2008 and are available in the Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Building Utility Billing Office located on the first floor and in the Development Department on the 3rd floor. You must receive approval prior to

purchasing paint. Painting must be completed by October 31, 2008. To receive an application by mail, please call 330/971-8140.


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