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Public Rain Garden Meeting Held By City

In 2004, the City of Cuyahoga Falls submitted a grant request to purchase homes in the 6th and 7th Street area, which have endured repetitive flooding for numerous years. The grant application was approved in September of 2006 and the City recently purchased four homes on 6th and 7th Street between Silver Lake Blvd. and Lincoln Ave., with plans to demolish the homes and create a large-scale rain garden in their place.

Rain gardens are an attractive, landscaped areas built in depressions, designed to capture and filter storm water runoff from impervious surfaces. They are planted with perennial native, deep-rooted plants that will help absorb water. An outside engineering firm has been hired to design and monitor the installation of the rain garden; demolition and construction are slated for the first quarter (Januray-March) of 2008.

A public meeting was held on November 8, 2007 to discuss the project designs, timelines and address questions and concerns. Literature is available in the Office of the Service Director.

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