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Hydrant Flushing To Begin

Service Director Valerie Wax Carr announces that the Water Utilities Department will begin its annual Hydrant Flushing and Testing Program on Monday, May 7, and continue through May 11, 2007. The flushing of the Cuyahoga Falls water system will be performed in the evenings between the hours of 11 p.m. and 3 a.m.

The Hydrant Flushing program serves an important dual purpose of removing sediment and iron deposits from the water mains and provides a check of the working condition of the hydrants to insure the best possible fire protection for the community.

The flushing process will disturb sediment build-up in the water mains and may temporarily discolor the water. The water will be safe for drinking, but the discoloration may affect laundry and certain types of processing. Be sure that rust deposits or discoloration are free from the line, by running the water for a few moments before using your washing machine.

Residents are asked to call the Water Department at 330-971-8130 to determine the day their area will be flushed. Water should be checked daily all week before using it. If residents have any questions, they may telephone the Water Department office directly.
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