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Cuyahoga Falls announces its Wireless Access Zone

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don L. Robart announces, effective August 14th , the availability of free wireless internet access to its citizens within the downtown area as part of a pilot program provided by Mobilepro. Six radio antennas installed by Mobilepro will provide a signal for wireless internet access from the Sheraton Suites to Oakwood Drive and from Cuyahoga Falls High School to the Cuyahoga River.

To celebrate this event, the city is planning a "Wire Cutting" ceremony to release the downtown area into a Wireless Access Zone known as WAZCuyahogaFalls. This event will take place at the Falls River Square amphitheater on Friday August 18th at 7:45 during Rockin' on the River. A WAZCUYAHOGAFALLS booth will be set up to demonstrate the service and a drawing for a free laptop will be held at the end of the evening. Signup for the drawing during the evening or at the Utility Billing Office at City Hall, Downview Sports Center or the Natatorium. Click here to print out the registration form and drop off at one of the previously listed locations

Anyone in the pilot area can secure true mobile broadband connectivity by simply acquiring the service through the WAZCUYAHOGAFALLS Service Set Identifier (SSID) on their Wi-Fi-enabled laptop or other access device at a download rate up to 1 Mb.

Upon successful completion of the pilot program, which would run for approximately 60 days, Mobilepro will begin to build out the network to cover the entire City. Once completed, Mobilepro will supply a range of free and paid subscription services on an annual, monthly, daily and hourly basis. Completion is expected to occur by the summer of 2007. There is no cost to the City nor its taxpayers during the building of the network.

"We are extremely excited about the partnership with MobilePro. Wireless technology has tremendous benefits for improving city services but just as important, it will provide businesses, residents and visitors with a competitive alternative to Cable and DSL", states Mayor Robart.

The city has agreed to allow Mobile to build the network using the city's vertical infrastructure (utility poles and buildings) in exchange for free access for city services which will be provide mobile access to data and video that was never before possible. First responders for Police and Fire will be able to transmit live video of emergency scenes to the command center and second responders while in transit. Also up to date critical data can be accessed in emergency vehicles such as floor plans. City inspectors and meter readers can access and update files in real time while out in the field. Electric utility substation, water wells and traffic light signalization can be remotely monitored and maintained.

Mayor Robart adds, " We strongly encourage people to come down and kick the tires on WAZCuyahogaFalls and provide feedback on their experience. Their input will invaluable for the future development of the wireless network."

Cuyahoga Falls is the first city in the state of Ohio to provide wireless internet access through MobilePro. For more information go to

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