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Howe Avenue Intersection Signage To Change

The City of Cuyahoga Falls announces a traffic signage change on Howe Avenue between the driveways of Chapel Hill Plaza 8 Burlington Coat Factory, Target and Staples Driveways. Beginning Tuesday, June 20, 2006, the signage change will prohibit left turns into and out of the driveways of these businesses driveway aprons.

Based on a traffic study of the increasing number of accidents at this intersection, it was determined that the access to these drives should be "right turn in" and "right turn out" only. When implemented, signs and pavement markings will inform motorists they can no longer turn left into or out of the above mentioned driveways.

Signs will also be erected on the parallel roadways within Chapel Hill Plaza 8 and the Target/Staples retail store areas to direct motorists to signalized intersections for left turn access onto Howe Road.

For more information regarding the signage change, please contact Ron Sabino of the Technical Service Department at 330-971-8020.
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