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City Clears Confusion On Official City Services Calendar

As reported in a December 6, 2005 press release, the Official 2006 City of Cuyahoga Falls 'City Services Calendar' is currently available. This calendar contains valuable information for residents throughout the year concerning many city related events, meetings and service related items.

It is very important for residents to take note that this is the city's official calendar with the trademark designation on the cover (pictured with the new Doodlebug Memorial Garden Site). The Service Director's office has received many questions from residents who have received the "2006 Town Planner" via U.S. Mail, mistakenly thinking that calendar was the city's official calendar. The "2006 Town Planner" was published by a Cleveland company and is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by the City of Cuyahoga Falls.

The City of Cuyahoga Falls if extremely proud of the Official 2006 City of Cuyahoga Falls 'City Services Calendar' and has taken great care to tailor the calendar to the needs of our citizens. We hope this clears the confusion between the two calendars and hope you enjoy your Official 2006 City of Cuyahoga Falls 'City Services Calendar' available at these fine locations:

Calendar Pick-up Locations:

City Hall - Utility Billing Office, the Mayor's Office, Switchboard

City Service Complex - Electric and Water Depts.

Fire Station 1


Quirk Cultural Center

Brookledge Golf Course

Cuyahoga Falls Library

Acme #10, #12

Tops Chapel Hill Plaza and Graham Road

Giant Eagle

Stutzman's Bi-Rite


Discount Drug Mart

CVS - State Road

Dairy Mart - 4th Street

Klein's Pharmacy

Marc's State Road

Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital

Falls Lumber

Valley Savings Bank Portage Trail and Graham Road branches

Ohio Savings Bank

First Merit State Road and Second Street branches

Reggie's Restaurant

Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce

Marathon at 2nd & Broad

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