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New Signals Increase Pedestrian Safety Through Downtown

Mayor Don L. Robart announces the arrival of countdown pedestrian signals at Falls River Square! With the many festivals and events down at Falls River Square, Mayor Robart saw the need to provide pedestrians with additional assistance in safely crossing the intersections of Portage Tr. & Front St. and Broad Blvd. & Front St.

The countdown signal will provide the pedestrian with information on how much time they have to finish crossing the road once the "DON'T WALK" or "Hand" starts flashing. The sign will stay blank during the solid "WALK" and solid "DON'T WALK". The timing will start to count down at the end of the "WALK" during the flashing "DON'T WALK" and will then go blank again once the clearance time is over.

This new signal is in addition to the pedestrian signals that are already in place at most of our signalized intersections. After the pedestrian pushes the button located on the pole, they will receive a "WALK" signal. At that time, a steady, illuminated display of "WALK" or symbol of a walking person means you may begin to cross the roadway and proceed in the direction of the indication. Next, a flashing illuminated "DON'T WALK" or flashing symbol of an upraised hand means: if you are already in the crosswalk, you have time to finish crossing. If you are still at the curb, do not begin to cross, as there is not enough time to cross the roadway. At that time, you will wait for the next "WALK" signal.

The pedestrian countdown signal is part of brand new technology that is being used in several cities around the country. We hope the addition of this signal makes your visit to Falls River Square and our downtown district more enjoyable as we continue our effort to make Cuyahoga Falls a safer place to live!

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