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City Successful In Busting, Prosecuting Graffiti Vandals

In June 2005, Mayor Don L. Robart launched a major initiative to stop graffiti in Cuyahoga Falls. Since the inception of the graffiti task force program, four (4) culprits have been apprehended and many other incidences have been halted due to a strict enforcement and tough no tolerance policy. One (1) adult has been charged, convicted, fined and given community service for the offense and three (3) juveniles are currently awaiting a court hearing.

Mayor Robart has directed law enforcement to continue its aggressive action until all graffiti is eradicated and these menacing culprits are apprehended and brought to justice. "I commend the special operations officers of our police department for their successful efforts," said Mayor Robart. "With their and the public vigilant effort, we will stop this vandalism. A special note of thanks to David House, located in the downtown district, for their youth volunteers working with city crews to clean and paint the previous graffiti vandalism. The city certainly appreciates their assistance. "

New security cameras are being purchased to monitor illegal activities. The City Police Department has increased patrols, which include undercover officers and a special 'graffiti buster' vehicle. A hotline, 330-971-KNOW (5669), has also been set up for the public to call if anyone sees graffiti activity occurring or to report graffiti vandalism. A $250.00 reward will be given to any citizen for information leading to the arrest and conviction of graffiti violators.

Please help put the City of Cuyahoga Falls in the 'KNOW' about graffiti vandals!

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