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The Development Department, located on the first floor of the City Hall Building at 2310 2nd Street, offers a wide variety of services which are specifically designed to maintain and expand the reputation of Cuyahoga Falls as a great place to live, work, and do business. The department has multiple functional divisions which work in conjunction with each other in order that the overall objectives of the department may be achieved.

The Development Division assists in transforming the objectives of the Mayor and City Council into reality by working with developers, realtors, and the business community to actively promote and facilitated development efforts. The Development Division is responsible for the coordination of developmental projects and serves as liaison between the developer, the Mayor's Office, and the city departments to ensure a timely an successful project completion. This office also organizes and promotes the marketability of the City through public relations and good public/private sector relationships to maintain a positive outlook and growth potential for the City. Utilizing various federal, state, and local programs and funding sources, the Development Division coordinates new development, rehabilitation, and maintenance of properties throughout the City. The Development Director may be reached at 330.971.8142.

The Planning Division works in conjunction with the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Planning Commission, City Council, and Administration to formulate, establish, and administrate land use policy and zoning and subdivision regulations. Through short and long-range planning, the Planning Division acts to secure the logical, sound, and economical development of the city, and to protect property and community values. The Planning Division investigates complaints concerning alleged violations of the zoning code and undertakes compliance proceedings which are appropriate to resolve each specific situation wherein a violation may exist. For further details contact the Planning Director at 330.971.8135.

The Housing Division administers the City’s Housing Code and Property Maintenance Code in order to ensure that properties are properly maintained. Through systematic inspection and complaint investigation, the Housing Division seeks to protect both private and public rights by supporting fair, safe, adequate housing and by promoting the satisfactory maintenance of real property throughout the City. Questions or complaints may be directed to the Housing Division at 330.971.8135.

The Housing Rehabilitation Division provides financial and technical assistance for the physical improvement of qualified residential properties within the City. By utilizing federal funds, the rehabilitation program provides loans for both exterior and interior repairs with emphasis placed on the elimination of code violations which relate to the health and safety of occupants and upgrading the weather-tightness of structures as well as the installation in need of housing, food, rent/mortgage, utility, clothing and/or medical assistance, and serves as a liaison for those residents with area social service agencies. For further information contact the Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator at 330.971.8140.

The Falls River Square District Division oversees the entire two-block area of the downtown district. The crew is charged with the maintenance and support of all public facilities in this area including the Pavilion, riverfront boardwalk, parking facilities and fountains. They assist with the coordination of all events held in the downtown throughout the year including the installation and oversight of the annual ice skating rink.  For more information on festivals or to reserve a date for your upcoming event, please contact the Development Department at 330.971.8135.

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