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Q: Is a Stormwater Inspection mandatory when selling a home in Cuyahoga Falls?

A: No. As stated by city ordinance, the inspection is voluntary. The buyer may request the inspection and the seller has the right to decline participation. However, an inspection disclosure IS required to be signed by buyers and sellers of any real estate within the city. The city’s inspection team only performs inspections on properties when the current owner’s have given written permission to do so.

Q: What is the inspection team looking for during a Stormwater Inspection?

A: The purpose of a Stormwater Inspection is to eliminate illegal connections which are any “clean water” connection to the sanitary sewer. Examples of these are downspouts that empty into the sanitary lateral or foundation drains that outlet to either the floor drain or the sanitary lateral. The condition of other items, such as sump pumps, gutters, and downspout leaders are also examined as part of the inspection process.

Q: If I have items that “fail” the inspection, who is required to make the repairs?

A: City ordinance requires that repairs be made within 180 days from the original inspection. A failed inspection DOES NOT inhibit a real estate transfer in any way. A seller may make the necessary repairs or a buyer can assume those repairs. If a mutual agreement cannot be made, ultimately the actual property owner at the 180-day point is responsible. All correspondence from the City of Cuyahoga Falls is sent to the current owner, as stated by Summit County.

Q: How much are the average repair costs on a “failed” Stormwater Inspection?

A: Because of the many variables involved with a Stormwater Inspection, there are no “average” costs. Repair estimates can be given most accurately by a licensed plumber.

Q: Will I be given the results immediately at the inspection?

A: No. The official Certificate of Inspection will be issued after all items have had time to be reviewed. City ordinance allows for ten (10) business days from the date of inspection, but the average “turn around” time is about a week.

Q: I received a “failed” Certificate of Inspection, but I’ve never experienced any flooding in my home. Why am I required to make repairs?

A: Flooding of a sanitary system occurs on a city-wide basis. A home contributing stormwater to the sanitary sewer system may not experience flooding, however is contributing to flooding events for other homeowners in their neighborhood during a rain event. Also, there is a direct cost associated to treating clean stormwater that is discharged into the sanitary sewer system at the City’s expense.

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