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Kelsey Creek Fact Sheet

What’s going on?
This degraded section of Kelsey Creek is being restored!

Why does the creek need to be restored?
Excessive stormwater runoff and a lack of healthy plants along the banks of Kelsey Creek have caused severe erosion. This erosion makes the stream unsafe for park visitors, and it prevents Kelsey Creek from providing the natural services of a healthy stream; like clean water, habitat for wildlife, and a fun place to explore nature. The restored stream will make Kennedy Park, safer, more attractive, and more fun for our community.

What will be done?
There will be a lot of digging. The steep stream banks will be re-graded so that they are gently sloping and much more stable and safe. Gravel riffles and deep pools will be placed within the channel to provide habitat. A variety of showy native trees and shrubs will be planted along the stream edge to help keep the banks stable, provide habitat and shade, absorb pollutants, and help provide cleaner water for fish and other stream creatures.

Who is paying for the restoration?
Money from the City’s stormwater utility fee is paying for the design and engineering portion of the project. The City also received a Stormwater Improvement Fund Grant from the Ohio EPA, which will cover 50% of the construction costs. The City is working closely with a team of specialists to ensure the stream restoration is done correctly and efficiently. Biohabitats, an ecological restoration firm in Cleveland, is designing the stream, supervising construction, and monitoring the creek after the restoration. DLZ Ohio, located here in Cuyahoga Falls, is helping with some of the engineering, and Meadville Land Service and Ecological Restoration and Management are handling the construction and landscaping.

How long will construction last?
Construction will last about eight weeks from start to finish, and should be completed by mid-August. In the fall, landscapers will plant the trees and shrubs along the stream.

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