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Traffic FAQ

Q: What should I do during a traffic stop?
  • When you see a police officer behind you with emergency lights activated:
  • Pull to the right side of the road as soon as safely possible.
  • Do NOT get out of your vehicle unless the police officer directs you to do so.
  • Sit still and wait for the officer to approach your vehicle.
  • If it is dark outside, turn on your interior lights and keep your hands in sight of the officer. Do not attempt to hide your radar detector or any other objects, as police officers do not know what you’re reaching for and we would not like to mistake your movements as reaching for a weapon.
  • The officer may ask you for a number of documents including your driver’s license, registration, or proof of insurance.
  • If you receive a citation and do not feel you deserve it, the proper time to dispute the citation is in court—not on the side of the road.
  • The officer will ask you to sign your citation. Signing your citation is not a statement of guilt of any kind; it’s just to signify that the officer told you why you were stopped and cited, and also to signify that you received your copy of the citation.
  • Wait until the officer dismisses you before driving away.
Q: Why do police officers make traffic stops?
A: The officer may have witnessed a traffic violation or the vehicle involved may be the same type / color / etc. as was used in a crime a few minutes earlier in the same area.

If your question is not answered here, or you would like more information on anything law enforcement-related, please call the Shift Supervisor at 330-971-8333, or e-mail us at

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