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Criminal FAQ

Q:What can be done about annoying or harassing phone calls?
A:Call the police department and advise the dispatcher that you’d like to make a telecommunications harassment report. An officer will be sent to your house to take the report.
After you make the report, you’ll need to call your phone company’s call annoyance bureau with the police department report number. The phone company can help you beyond this point, as different phone companies may work in different ways.
Q:What do I do if I think a crime is occurring right now?
A:Call the police department using either 911 or the non-emergency number 330-928-2181.
Q:Can I make an anonymous complaint about something?

Sure. But it’s always best for the officer responding to the scene if that officer can make contact with you, since at the time of your complaint, you’re the person with the most information about the problem you’re reporting.

If it does turn into an arrest, our law department’s prosecution of the arrested party could be greatly improved with you as a witnessing party. Without that information, the law department might have a more difficult time prosecuting those who have broken the law.

If your question is not answered here, or you would like more information on anything law enforcement-related, please call the Shift Supervisor at 330-971-8333, or e-mail us at

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