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Safety Town 2014

June 9-12, 2014 or June 16-19, 2014


2014_registration_application.pdf  |  Adult Volunteer Packet  |  Teen Volunteer Packet

We welcome you and your child to the 2014 Cuyahoga Falls Safety Town Program. We are excited to be with your child this week to help them learn valuable lessons that they will remember and use their entire life. This week your child will hear information from the following groups:


Bus Safety - Cuyahoga Falls & Woodridge School Bus Drivers    -    Electrical Safety - Cuyahoga Falls Electric Department     -      Water Safety - Natatorium Aquatic Instructors


Fire Safety / "Firefighters Are Our Friends" / and 9-1-1      -     Bicycle Safety - Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department     -     Train Safety - Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department


Gun Safety - Cuyahoga Falls Police Department     -     Lockdown Procedures - Cuyahoga Falls Police Department     -     Pedestrian Safety - Cuyahoga Falls Department     -     Stranger Danger - Cuyahoga Falls Police Department


Animal Safety - Greater Akron Humane Society     -     Litter and Recycling - Cuyahoga Falls Sanitation Department   


~ Morning Session @ 10:30am
~ Afternoon Session @ 1:30pm


Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department 330-971-8400


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