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Sewer Tapping

We are pleased that you are planning to connect to the City’s water and/or sanitary service(s), and offer this outline to assist you in making this process as easy as possible.

Your first step is to call the Water Department at 971-8130 for determination of the fees and surcharges. They will also be able to discuss size of service, meter sizes, and answer any questions you may have.

The Water Department will calculate the City fees for you, and you can pay those at the Utility Billing Office application desk located at the Municipal Building, 2310 Second Street on the first floor. Any questions you may have regarding these fees may be referred to 971-8131.

You must contract with a licensed plumber or sewer tapper, who will then be responsible for your installation. A list of current licensed plumbers is available here or in in the Building Department 971-8100.

Your contractor is responsible for all permits and deposits, excavations, and water and/or sewer tap inspection, backfill, and street restoration. Your contractor will also request the appropriate inspections when ready.

For a water tap the City will perform the actual tap into the City waterline. However, you will need to comply with the following requirements.

  • A two-day notice is required, please call 971-8005 (Water Stockroom).
  • Your contractor must excavate a hole at least three feet wide and four and half feet long for the tapping machine.
  • Your contractor must also place a spacer in your new waterline for the meter, which the City will install.
  • You must call the City at 971-8005 (Water Stockroom), within one week after placement of the spacer, to set up an appointment to install a meter, along with an outside reading device. Failure to contact us within this time frame may cause interruption of service.

For a sewer tap you will need to comply with the following requirements.

  • Your contractor will make the connection to the sewer line and must properly abandon your septic tank.
  • The tanks must be pumped out and crushed
  • If you are not getting City water service you must arrange to have a meter placed on your well or cistern to measure your water usage for sewer billing.
  • Your contractor must place a spacer in the waterline for the meter, which the City will install the meter.
  • You must call the City at 971-8005 (Water Stockroom) to set up an appointment to install the meter just as with a new waterline.
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