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Cemetery Services

The Cemetery Division, of the Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Department, has a total of four cemeteries under its jurisdiction. Oakwood Cemetery on Oakwood Drive comprises about 26 acres and is well known for its natural beauty, particularly the magnificent rhododendrons in the Spring. Most of the founders and early settlers of Cuyahoga Falls are buried here. This cemetery was established in 1834.

Harrington Cemetery on State Road and Northampton Cemetery on Bath Road were both established in the 1800's. Many of the early founders and settlers of this part of the city are buried in these two cemeteries as well. Botzum Cemetery is small and is located at Bath and Yellow Creek Roads.

The Superintendent is Jeff Amburn. Cemetery inquiries may be made at the Cemetery Office at City Hall or by calling 330/971-8446.

Oakwood Cemetery - 2420 Oakwood Drive
Harrington Cemetery - 3333 State Road
Northampton Cemetery - 1014 West Bath Road


Oakwood Cemetery

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